Luxury Lived-In Color

My professional color philosophy has always been "less is more."  I love using what exists in your hair, embracing and enhancing it with a beautiful, complementary palette.


An enduring theme for confident women is that we know who we are, and we cultivate our overall signature elegance by enhancing our natural beauty. Creating beauty rituals, and taking the time to care for ourselves is quite essential to our overall wellness.


With this in mind, I feel we should take pride and pleasure in caring for ourselves. In return for our investment, we will exude feminine confidence in a subtle, relaxed manner. Each and every day.


This philosophy of Luxury Lived-In Color was birthed as a reflection of my personal beauty journey, as well as my shifting professional focus. As I've continued my education with Natural Beaded Rows Extensions, my passion for creating a seamless, personalized color palette with the ease of package pricing has bloomed.


My intention is for you to enjoy your time in my salon, without feeling like it's a chore. I want to create a harmonious blend of dimensional tones, in a seamlessly curated with what your hair and skin are sharing with me. I want you to leave this space renewed and refreshed, and always feeling your best. Click the button to apply today!